The entrance to the therapy rooms is at the back of the ‘Wholeistic & Feathers’ shop at 18-20 Upgate, Louth, LN11 9ET. If you are walking – when you’re facing the front of the shop, walk through the gateway to the right, then through the left garden gate. It is the rear entrance of the shop. Room 3 is upstairs. If you’re in any doubt I can meet you at the entrance for your first visit.

Free Parking: If you are driving, then enter Church Close LN11 9LR  into your sat-nav. If you don’t have a sat-nav, drive past the church on your right, then turn right into Gospelgate – the first accessible road on your right. An easy landmark is the Greyhound pub on the corner of Gospelgate. Then turn next right into Church Close and head straight on until you can’t drive any further. The gravelled free parking area for ‘Wholeistic & Feathers‘ is on the right. If you do lose your way, please call me on 07784 378039.