Indian Head Massage


In our Indian head massage course in Lincolnshire you will learn about the history of IHM, about chakras, and how to perform a full IHM routine. Indian head massage (IHM) is one of the most relaxing forms of massage. It involves the massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face.

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In our Indian Head Massage course you will learn to perform the treatment on shoulders, arms, neck, head and face. It is an effective therapy that promotes hair growth and balances on all levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually, achieving a state of deep relaxation.  Indian Head Massage also relieves aches and pains.

Course Dates

February 26th, 2024
June 3rd, 2024

1 day course from 10 am to 4/4.30pm. Pre-requisite : No previous experience necessary.

Course fee £155

Indian Head Massage is one of the most relaxing treatments and is based on the traditional Indian medicine called Ayurveda.

Indian Head Massage can be performed directly on the skin by applying oils or over the clothes. It usually is   carried out in a seated position in any chair that allows shoulder massage. Alternatively, you can purchase a special Indian Head Massage/Mobile Massage chair or a table top portable massage unit.

In India, this has been practiced for more than 3000 years. Massage was based on finding the acupressure points on the body where pressure, rubbing, and manipulations were most effective.  Ancient Hindus, Persians, Greek and Egyptians applied massage for various ailments.  The sacred Hindu book ‘Ayurveda’ (Art of Life) was written about 1800 BC.  Massage techniques, together with hygienic principles, are included in this book.

Indian Head Massage is still an important ritual amongst families in India. Babies are massaged daily right from birth onwards to the age of 3, which promotes bonding between mother and child. After having given birth, he mother receives daily massages for up to two months. Around the age of 7, children will begin to learn   massage techniques themselves and join in massaging family members.

Massage as a ritual is given to bride and groom before their wedding from their family members. Almost everybody gives and receives Head Massage. It is also available at barbers, on beaches, in markets and on street corners.

Another word for Indian Head massage is Champissage. Champi is a Hindi word and means massage of the head. The word ‘shampoo’ originates from it.

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Course dates

February 26th, 2024, June 3rd, 2024

Indian head massage

Full payment £155, Deposit £55, Remaining fee £100