Warm Bamboo Massage


Entry requirement is a qualification in full body massage, e.g. Swedish or Sports massage.

1 day course. Full course fee is £160

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Warm Bamboo Massage is believed to have originated in Asia. It has been developed in 2004 by the Florida-based therapist Natalie Cecilia who had it patented as ‘Bamboo Fusion Massage’. Bamboo Massage allows deep tissue work whilst reducing strain on hands and wrists.

Ernesto Ortiz created the ‘Tian Di’ Bamboo Massage technique. He believed that bamboo has its own unique energy as it grows straight from earth to reach heaven.

During the Warm Bamboo Massage course I teach  how to  perform this deep tissue treatment with pre-heated bamboo sticks of varying sizes. Combined with warmth from the sticks and oil, it is a great treatment for deep tissue massage to break down tension in muscles and to stretch muscles. Bamboo sticks are like an extension of the hands of the therapist. The massage pressure can be adapted to the client’s preferences. Bamboo massage works well on cellulite.

Bamboo is an evergreen plant of the grass family. It absorbs carbon dioxide and releases around 30% more oxygen than a similar amount of trees. Bamboo is found in China, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia.

Bamboo is a very fast-growing plant – some varieties may grow over 90 cm in a day which is about 3.8 cm in just one hour! Full maturity is reached within 1 to 5 years, depending on species. Just to compare – it takes hardwood trees 30 to 40 years to reach maturity/full growth.

This means that bamboo is a renewable resource. Once harvested, new shoots will grow quickly from its root system. It does not require re-planting like most trees. Also, bamboo doesn’t need any chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides. Old, fallen to the ground bamboo leaves provide essential nutrients.

Bamboo prevents the erosion of soil due to the fast re-growth. When hardwood is harvested the soil will erode, unless something is planted quickly to replace that part of the cleared forest. Bamboo can grow in most climate zones and soil types.

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Full fee £160, Deposit £60, Balance £100

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June 10th, 2024