Hand Reflexology


This is a half day course and scheduled for three hours. Full Course fee is £80.

Entry-requirement is a qualification in foot reflexology.

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In our Hand Reflexology Course you will be taught a full hand reflexology routine. Please note that if you would like to enrol onto the Hand Reflexology Course, you need to have completed Foot Reflexology before you do so.

Hand Reflexology is just as effective as Foot Reflexology. Our beautiful hands are important and well-used tools for communication, touch, sense and work. Hand Reflexology is deeply relaxing and very pleasant. It is the sensible choice when it comes to giving yourself a reflexology treatment.

Please remember that the client should be made as comfortable as possible. The surface where the hands rest should be soft, but also firm enough. If the treatment is performed whilst seated, I would recommend a pillow or rolled up towel for the hands to rest on. With the client seated in a chair or recliner chair, the therapist would sit diagonally opposite the client, on the side that is treated at the time.

Another option is with client and therapist seated, with both sitting on the opposite sides of the treatment couch, the client’s hands resting on a pillow or towel.

Or, the client is resting in a comfortable position on the couch, with their hands on the sides.

The therapist’s fingernails should be kept short to avoid any discomfort for the client.

Hand Reflexology is especially useful if the client has a foot or nail infection, very ticklish feet, or if a foot is injured. Often hands are not as ticklish as feet.

It is also very important that the therapist cares well for their hands.  I would recommend that you use a good moisturiser daily, the more natural the better for the body.  You could, from time to time, soak your hands in warm olive oil. Add a few drops of your favourite aromatherapy oil. Make sure your nails are not just short but also smooth at the edges.

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October 8th, 2024

Course Fee

Full fee £80, Deposit £30, Balance £50