Anatomy and Physiology

The anatomy and physiology course is a home study course. The course material will be sent by e-mail. You will have to complete a written assessment for each unit and send this to your tutor on completion. When your assessment has passed, we will send out feedback and the next unit.




Anatomy and Physiology (A & P) knowledge is essential holistic or beauty therapists. An Anatomy/Physiology Diploma or Certificate is pre-requisite to a Body Massage qualification. This course is included in the Body Massage course.

You have one year to complete the course.

 Course content:

  1. Cells
  2. The Skin
  3. Skeletal System
  4. Muscles
  5. Cardiovascular System
  6. Lymphatic System
  7. Respiratory System
  8. Endocrine System
  9. Nervous system
  10. Digestive System
  11. Reproductive System
  12. Urinary System

Course fee £130