Lymphatic Drainage Massage Course

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Course

During the Lymphatic Drainage Massage Course students will learn about the Lymphatic System, benefits of this specialised massage, contra-indications, aftercare and how to perform this treatment.

Entry requirement
A qualification in full Body Massage. All students must be 18 years or older.

Course Fee
1 day course.

Course Dates 2019

Course date changed – now on June 25th (originally June 26th)
November 13th.

Payment Options

Payment options
Course Dates

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – also called lymph drainage massage- involves specialised, gentle massage and pumping movements on the lymph nodes to help drain the lymph fluid.

The lymphatic system filters and removes excess fluid, toxins and waste products from the body and helps fight infection and regulate the immune system.

In the early 1930s, Danish massage therapist and philosopher Emil Vodder and his wife Astrid developed the Lymphatic Drainage procedure. They noticed that with various health conditions lymph nodes can be swollen in certain areas of the body. The movements developed brought relief from chronic conditions, such as sinusitis, catarrh and acne. Since Emil Vodder’s work, Manual Lymphatic Drainage has become a recognised and popular treatment world wide.

LDM was adopted and adapted by the American osteopath Dr. Arbuckle in the 1940s. This is the method you will learn in this course.