Aromatherapy Massage

In the Aromatherapy massage course you will learn:

How to select, blend and apply essential oils to suit the client’s personal requirements; about the properties of essential oils; how to perform a full aromatherapy massage and alternative aromatherapy treatments. Pre-requisites are a Body Massage certificate or diploma.

This is an intensive 2 day course, which runs from 9 am until approximately 5 pm. Some material will be sent out to you to study before the course.

Aromatherapy Massage

Course Fee: £320

Course Dates

Course date change: New course date – October 28th and 29th, 2019 (originally November)

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The earliest paintings about aromatherapy were found in the caves of Lascaux in France. In Ancient Egypt, essential oils were added to cosmetics, mummification, incense and remedies. In Ancient China, aromatherapy oils, herbs and woods were used for religious purposes. Native American tribes used aromatic oils.

In India, Aromatherapy oils were applied within the Ayurvedic health medicine.

The Ancient Greeks used the knowledge of aromatic oils that they gained from the Egyptians. The Romans then learned from the Greek. They discovered the application of oils for massage, fragrant baths and for wounds and ailments.

In the 10th Century, Arabian physician Avicenna wrote books about the properties and benefits of essential oils. He was the person that first used distillation to extract Rose essential oil.

In the UK, the earliest records about the use of essential oils are dated around the13th Century. It was a time, when the plague was around. Survivors of the plague stated that they used aromatic oils for the antiseptic properties.

In 1652, Nicholas Culpepper recorded his knowledge of the medical properties of essential oils in his book of herbs. During the 19th Century, European physicians and scientists researched the effects of essential oils on bacteria.

20th Century: French chemist and writer Rene Gattefosse coined the term ‘Aromatherapy’.Dr. Jean Valnet wrote and published the book ‘Aromatherapie’ about the properties and medical uses of essential oils. In the 1940s, French biochemist Marguerite Maury developed massage techniques in combination with the application of essential oils. Their research forms the basis of nowadays modern aromatherapy, which is taught at colleges all over the world.